Mar 1 / Rachel Doyle

The Benefits of Autism Training

There are approximately 700,000 people in the UK with an Autism diagnosis which is more than 1 in 100 people. For those working in education it is important to have an awareness of Autism and knowledge of how this affects the students in our settings and classrooms. 

The National Autistic Society’s Education Report 2023, states that ‘only 26 % of autistic pupils feel happy at school’, and ‘without appropriate teacher training, autistic children are twice as likely to be excluded’.

Pupils often feel misunderstood in school, with 54% of autistic students saying the worst thing about school is having teachers who do not understand them. Therefore, it is vital that educational professionals are educated about what autism is, how autistic people see the world and strategies they can use to help them support students effectively within their setting.

Providing autism training for staff working in education settings has many benefits, which include:

  • Helping to create an inclusive environment where all students feel welcomed and supported, thereby contributing towards a positive school culture that celebrates diversity. Additionally, increased autism awareness helps reduce stigma and misconceptions about autism.

  • Understanding the characteristics and traits associated with autism and how best to support students.

  • Allowing staff to gain a better understanding of techniques and strategies that help students to remain calm and regulated throughout the day e.g. now and next boards, visual timetables and sensory activities.

  • Allowing staff to personalise learning in order to suit the needs of the individual.

  • Working collaboratively with parents to ensure consistency for students.

By providing a foundation for inclusive practices, autism training not only benefits individuals with autism but also enhances the overall educational experience for all students, contributing to a more understanding and welcoming school culture that meets the diverse needs of all students, promoting their success and well-being.