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Behaviour Management Courses

Behaviour Management Courses for Teachers, Supply Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Tutors and Support Staff 

Online behaviour management courses provide actionable strategies, tools & skills that can be used to address disruptive behaviour in the learning environment. 

Learn to successfully set and manage behavioural expectations in the classroom with an accredited behaviour management certification.
Behaviour Management Courses
Maintaining focus and attention is becoming increasingly challenging for children and young people in modern learning settings. The constant stream of information and distractions via smart phones makes it difficult for students to concentrate and retain information. It's essential for educators to prioritise learning activities and tasks which help support pupil’s focus and attention to avoid disruptive behaviours.

When students are not fully focused, their engagement level drops and disruptive behaviour appears. When this happens, the learning of all students is negatively impacted. Positive behaviour management strategies must be used to create an environment that helps students learn in a calm manner that aids successful learning.

Classroom behaviour management is a collaborative effort from all educators present in the classroom - Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Support Staff - therefore it's crucial that all educators complete behaviour management courses to ensure they have the necessary skills.

Behaviour management courses are a straightforward way for educational professionals to learn to manage the types of behaviour that can occur in the learning environments. Prospero Learning behaviour management courses provide learners with a selection of simple and effective strategies to proactively and reactively respond to disruptive behaviour and promote good behaviour.

Prospero Learning Behaviour Management courses 

Introduction to Positive Behaviour Management 

When teaching, or supporting, children in their learning, it's crucially important that a good level of behaviour is maintained as this positively helps their learning.

Classroom behaviour management enables all students to learn without disruptions. There some some simple but effective actions and strategies that can be quickly implemented to encourage good behaviour.

This free behaviour management course gives you the knowledge and strategy to respond to disruptive behaviour and encourage good behaviour.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 45 minutes
Video Time: 20 minutes
Learners: 550+

Premium course
Positive Behaviour Management for Teachers

It's the Teachers' job to steer the behaviour in the classroom. They have the overall responsibility to make sure that all can learn successfully without the presence of disruptive behaviour.

Teachers who complete positive behaviour management training will understand why behaviour issues happen, how to manage behaviour, how to work with support staff and how to establish a positive presence in the classroom.

Learn to manage all types of behaviour in this course with a portfolio of industry-led actionable strategies - created specifically for Teachers.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 1.5 hours
Video time: 1 hour
Learners: 1,300+

Premium course
Postive Behaviour Management For Supply Teachers

As a Supply Teacher, it's important that you are able to enter a classroom for only a short period of time and are able to control the class and its behaviour in place of the normal full-time Teacher. 

Level: Advanced
Duration: 1.5 hours
Video Time: 1 hour
Learners: 350+

Premium course
Positive Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants

When Teaching Assistants, and other Support Staff, help teach a class, they must be able to follow the Teacher's lead and assist in managing the learning environment. In this course you'll learn how to successfully do this.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 1.5 hour
Video time: 1 hour
Learners: 1000+

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The course was very insightful and provided me with ideas and information that I can use in my current position as a Teaching Assistant.

— Khudeja.
Clear understanding on why children may misbehave and simple but effective strategies to promote positive behaviour.

— Misraj.
Provided some easy to implement strategies for classroom management..
— D Arcy