Introduction to Behaviour Management

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:  30 mins 
  • Video Time:  20 minutes
This is an introductory online training course that provides insight into what good behaviour for learning looks like and how it can be achieved. 

You'll learn key strategies that can be used in the classroom to create an environment of positive behaviour.

On completion, learners are awarded an accredited CPD certificate.
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The CPD Certification Service accreditation for this course means that the course content is high-quality, relevant and modern.

This course has passed rigorous checks to ensure that once completed, Users can be confident that what they have learned on this course is effective and relevant for their professional role. 

Who is this online course for?

  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • SEND Teachers
  • Supply Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Tutors
  • SENCOs
When teaching, or supporting, children in learning settings, it's really important that a good level of behaviour is maintained. When good behaviour is achieved in a classroom, all students are able to learn successfully without disruption.  

There are some simple but effective actions and strategies that can be implemented to encourage good behaviour.

This course will give you the knowledge to be proactive and reactive in your management of behaviour.

Key Behaviour Management learning objectives

  • Understanding why behaviour happens

  • Types of behaviour

  • What is 'good behaviour'

  • Setting expectations

  • Pre-empting behaviour challenges

  • Strategies to use

Behaviour Management course content breakdown