Positive Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants

  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Video Time:  1 hour
  • Learners: 1000+
Learn how and understand why disruptive behaviour issues occur and delve into the academic research around positive behaviour management.

Get insight on the different strategies and techniques that you can use when working with children and young people to manage and prevent these behaviours.

The learning objectives, actions and strategies learnt in this course are specific to Teaching Assistants who need to work alongside a Teacher.
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Who is this online course for?

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Support Staff
When Teaching Assistants and other Support Staff help teach a class they must be able to follow the Teacher's lead and help manage the learning environment. You'll learn how to successfully do this during this course, you'll learn the skills and strategies needed to respond to the expectations of the Teacher you are working alongside.

Maintaining focus and attention is becoming increasingly challenging, especially for students in a classroom setting. When students are not focused and engaged their behaviour can deteriorate and become disruptive.

Creating a positive learning environment helps to stop any negative or disruptive behaviour from happening and really aids learning.

The constant stream of information and distractions can make it difficult for students to concentrate and retain information. It's essential for educators to prioritise techniques which help to support pupil’s focus and attention within the classroom.

Key Positive Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants learning objectives

  • Understanding why behaviour issues happen

  • Causes of disruptive behaviour

  • Managing behaviour

  • Classroom environment and building trust

  • Supporting Teachers

  • Behaviour strategies

Postive Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants course content breakdown