Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Classroom

Nov 9 / Kate Marriott

Behaviour is one of the issues that most teachers say they would like additional support with.

Since the pandemic, this is an issue that seems to have become even more prevalent, with many educators describing new challenges that seem to have arisen since that time. 
This, of course, is understandable: the children we teach lived through an unprecedented time, as did we all, and will inevitably struggle to process many of those experiences and events.

Some of the children in our classrooms started their lives having little contact with the outside world, and others will have had their first experiences of education online. This makes it all the more important for us to think carefully about the way in which we manage behaviour in learning environments.

Why is Behaviour management important?

There is much research into effective behaviour management practices, and opinions can often be very divided as to the best approaches to be taken.

By considering what a child’s behaviour is showing us, or trying to communicate to us, many argue that we will be better equipped to put plans in place that can prevent behaviours that we find challenging from occurring in the first place, rather than trying to put out fires after they have started.

By doing this, and focusing on building a positive, supportive learning environment, where all students feel heard, we will be better placed to understand the driving force behind some of the behaviours we find most challenging and make plans, with the student/s, on how we can prevent them in the future.  

How Prospero Learning can you help in your classroom

At Prospero Learning, we have gathered a wealth of research and used that to create our behaviour management CPD courses.

We have a range of courses, from an introductory course to role specific, in-depth courses that will give you the theoretical grounding which underpins positive behaviour management techniques, as well as clear strategies that can be used to support you in creating that positive, supportive environment.

You will come away with actionable strategies that you can use as part of your daily routine in order to provide structure, predictability and positivity so that you can get the best out of all your students and have the tools you need to be able to handle those challenging moments when they arise.  

Online Behaviour Management Courses

Introduction to Behaviour Management
Positive Behaviour Management
for Teachers
Positive Behaviour Management
for Teaching Assistants
Positive Behaviour Management
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