Summer well-being for education professionals

Jul 25 / Lily Wilson

Congratulations on completing yet another rewarding academic year! As dedicated educators, you've tirelessly poured your heart and soul into shaping the future of countless young minds.

Now, it's time to dedicate some energy to your own wellbeing.  
Embrace the summer break as an opportunity to recharge, reflect, and rediscover what brings you joy and fulfilment.

By prioritising your wellbeing, you'll return to the classroom with renewed enthusiasm, creativity, and energy to make a positive difference in the lives of your students.

Read on to find some valuable tips and ideas to help you make the most of this precious time while prioritising your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Top tips for de-stressing

1. Unplug and Disconnect:
Spend some time in nature, take leisurely walks, bask in the sun, or enjoy a good book without the constant distractions of emails and notifications. Disconnecting from the digital world will help you declutter your mind and gain a fresh perspective. Most importantly, put the classroom at the back of your mind! It can be tempting to start thinking about setting up your room for the coming academic year, or to get a jump start on planning, but know that the time you spend resting and relaxing now will pay dividends when the school year starts again. You’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to welcome your students back.

2. Engage in Mindful Practices:
Practicing mindfulness can have profound effects on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Explore activities such as yoga, meditation, or deep-breathing exercises to reduce stress and enhance your overall sense of peace. Mindfulness can help you become more present and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

3. Pursue Your Passions:
Summer break offers the perfect chance to indulge in hobbies and interests that may have taken a backseat during the hectic school year. Whether it's painting, gardening, cooking, or playing a musical instrument, spending time on your passions can bring immense joy and fulfilment.

4. Reconnect with Loved Ones:
During the school year, you might have missed out on quality time with family and friends due to your commitment to your students. Now is the time to nurture those bonds, create beautiful memories, and strengthen your support network. Plan a day with friends, host a barbecue, or simply spend quality time with your loved ones. 

If you wish to spend some time on your own professional development during the summer, Prospero Learning can help!

You can sign up to our free, fully-accredited CPD training courses to enhance your professional skills and techniques ready for September and the new year.

Whatever you do with your time this summer, we hope you have a restful and relaxing break- you’ve earned it!