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Teaching in the UK as an International Teacher

Prospero Teaching works with international teachers who are eager to teach in England, and has an excellent reputation for supporting candidates with their move. Prospero Teaching can help international teachers find work in England in a range of schools such as: primary, secondary, EYFS and SEND; and in a range of roles including; teaching roles, Teaching Assistant roles, cover supervisor roles and support staff roles. There are many benefits to teaching in England such as:

• Earning a competitive salary

• Gaining further pedagogical understanding in a new country

• Being able to use your holidays to travel around England and Europe

• Understanding a new education system

• Gaining support on your professional development

Prospero teaching has over one-hundred international teachers relocating to teach in England every year, and we offer a range of support to help each teacher settle in. The support we offer includes: 

• Introductory webinars

• Face-to-face induction in our London office

• After school clubs to help with a range of subjects throughout the year

• A range of social events to help you meet like minded people and settle in

• A dedicated consultant to support you with finding work throughout the time you are here

• A supportive international team to support with your transition to living in England and English teaching

Our international candidates have provided us with some great feedback that we are keen to share. Our international candidates have provided us with some great feedback that we are keen to share. 

How has Prospero Teaching supported your transition to teaching in England? 

"Prospero have made it really easy for me to meet new people through a range of social events they have run; they have allowed me to meet other teachers in the same position as myself so we are able to talk about our experience! They are also always available to speak to over the phone which has been very helpful at times when I needed advice about certain things."
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What has been your most enjoyable experience working in English schools so far? 

“I really enjoyed getting a long term role as it allowed me to build positive relationships with the students”

“I have enjoyed seeing the positive impact I have had on students in the first term of teaching here!”

“I have enjoyed learning about different culture and travelling during the school holidays”

“I have learned a lot about classroom management and improved teaching within the first term”

What are you looking forward to during this academic year?

“I have enjoyed working in a variety of different schools, but now that I know what I want from a long term position, I am excited to settle down and enjoy working at one school and building relationships with students.”

“I am excited to attend more of the socials so that I can build on my continued professional development as well as meeting more friends”

“I am excited to see more of London and meeting more people, now that I have had a term here I feel more settled and am excited to explore more.”

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What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of moving to England to teach?

“It is a big adjustment: behaviour and school structure vary a lot compared to where I taught in Canada. I would recommend going to the CPD sessions that Prospero offer as they give a range of strategies and information which makes the adjustment easier.”

“I would recommend signing up for supply teaching first as it allows you to understand the type of school you want to work at. I have noticed that every school is very different to each other and it did take me a few weeks to find out what type of school I wanted to work in longer term”

Do you want to know more about Teaching in England? Prospero Learning provides a free course to help you understand more about the schools system here in England!

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