Level 2 Safeguarding


This Level 2 Safeguarding course provides learners with advanced Safeguarding knowledge and a practical skill set to use to protect children and young people.

Created by Education Experts for educators who work closely with children and young adults, this training course outlines the key roles and responsibilities and the duty of care that falls under their professional role.  

Addressing the most complex Safeguarding issues present in the 21st century, this course is a higher level of training that Safeguarding Level 1.

On completion, learners receive a fully CPD accredited certificate which can be downloaded, or printed, and added to a CV to help increase job prospects.

3 hours
Video time:
1.5 hours

Who requires a Safeguarding certification?

  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • SEND Teachers
  • Supply Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Tutors
  • SENCOs

    Anyone who works with children requires a Safeguarding certification.
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The CPD Certification Service accreditation for this course means that the course content is
high-quality, relevant and modern.

This Level 2 Safeguarding course has passed rigorous checks by The CPD Certification Service to ensure that once completed, Learners have gained effective strategies and skills to protect children and young people in all learning environments.
This course includes content that covers the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 update set out by the UK Government in September 2023.

Key Level 2 Safeguarding learning objectives

  • What is Level 2 Safeguarding?

  • Duty of care - safeguarding responsibilities 

  • Modern risk factors

  • Modern slavery

  • Female Genital Mutilation and 'honour' based abuse information

  • 2023 legislation and guidance updates

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Course content breakdown

What do previous Level 2 Safeguarding
learners have to say about the course?

The course material was very comprehensive and detailed.

I feel that I came away with a much better understanding of the meaning of safeguarding in education.
The course contained so much information which was explained very clearly.

 I have done courses before but this one was the best. I have learned so much more and I also believe I will retain the information in the future.
An incredibly informative course.

It was interesting to learn the levels of safeguarding within school environments, how to deal with concerns and disclosures correctly and what duty lies upon people who work with children.