Feb 14 / Kate Marriott

Combining Safeguarding and Online Safety Training

The 'double shield' for child safety

In today's digitally interwoven world, protecting children requires a multi-faceted approach. With children and young people spending more and more time online, knowing how to protect children online is vital for all educators.
Whilst a Level 2 Safeguarding certification will cover the basics of protecting children from harm online, our comprehensive Online Safety Training certification adds an essential layer of protection: it will empower you to feel confident in supporting children to access the online world safely.

Here's why combining these certifications is paramount to safeguarding children effectively:

Understanding the interconnected spaces

Children's online and offline worlds are increasingly connected, with an increasing amount of the time they spend with their friends (outside of school) being spent online. This can be great, as it allows children and young people to build and maintain strong friendships even when they are unable to see their friends in the offline world; however, there can also be downsides. Bullying can be more difficult to escape from as it can follow children and young people home through the means of cyberbullying; sexting can lead to offline exploitation, and online grooming can culminate in real-world abuse.

Prospero Learning’s Online Safety Training certification covers these nuances in-depth, building on the knowledge gained from safeguarding training. It bridges the gap, providing educators with insights into the specific dangers that children may face online, the tactics used by perpetrators, and how to spot the warning signs that a child may be struggling with issues that are stemming from their online world.

This holistic understanding allows educators to proactively address potential harm both within and beyond the classroom walls. By gaining both certifications, educators learn how online risks manifest offline and vice versa, enabling them to identify the full spectrum of potential harm and build comprehensive safeguarding strategies.

Addressing evolving threats

The online landscape is dynamic, with new risks emerging constantly. From the ever-changing apps and platforms children use, to the sophisticated tactics employed by predators, staying ahead of the curve is critical. An Online Safety equips educators with the skills they need to identify the latest dangers and adapt their safeguarding strategies accordingly. The foundation for this adaptability is laid by the Level 2 Safeguarding certification. 

Building trust and open communication

Open communication is vital for safeguarding children. When children trust their educators and feel comfortable disclosing concerning online experiences, early intervention becomes possible.

An Online Safety certification empowers educators to have informed conversations about online safety with their students. They can discuss healthy online behaviours, and how to seek help if they encounter cyberbullying, grooming, or inappropriate content. This fosters a safe and supportive environment where children feel empowered to speak up and ask for support.

Demonstrating commitment and building Confidence

By equipping yourself with both Level 2 Safeguarding and Online Safety Training certifications, you will not only be upskilling yourself, but you will also be showing employers that you are a dedicated educator who places the safety of students at the heart of all they do.

By investing in both our Level 2 Safeguarding and Online Safety courses, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to create a safe and supportive environment for all children, both within the classroom and beyond.

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