Becoming a Prospero Teaching Assistant

Sep 20 / Lily Wilson

Teaching Assistants are invaluable to the classroom and to the learning of students; it is an incredibly rewarding role, requiring creativity, enthusiasm and patience, where no two days are ever the same.

There are some misconceptions around the role, with some people thinking that a Teaching Assistant is a ‘teacher’s assistant’, however this is not the case: your role is to support the teaching that is happening in the classroom.

Whilst you may support the Teacher with preparing lessons, resources or behaviour management, ultimately you are there to support the children in their learning.  

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The role of a teaching assistant

As a Teaching Assistant, you will typically work either 1:1 with specific children, or you may work in a whole class setting with different children and groups depending on their needs in each lesson.

You may also support children with specific specialist education needs or disabilities (SEND). The most important elements of the role involve safeguarding children, building relationships with them, and supporting them to be confident, independent learners. These are all elements of the role that Prospero Learning can support you with through our library of free and paid-for courses which can help to build your knowledge and give you a solid foundation for your practice. 

For those who are new to education, Prospero Learning and Prospero Teaching are here to support you as you embark on your new career.

Prospero Learning offers a course dedicated to finding out about the role of the Teaching Assistant.

An Introduction to the role of a Teaching Assistant
- in this course you will learn about the roles, responsibilities and expectations of a Teaching Assistant.
We also have a range of other courses aimed specifically at Teaching Assistants. These include courses on positive behaviour management, scaffolding learning, teaching phonics, and an introduction to SEND in the classroom. 

You can see all of the current Prospero Learning fully CPD accredited courses by clicking here. 
Prospero Learning Blog post - female teacher supporting student in classroom

The teaching assistant application process

If you have decide to make the plunge and start your career in education, or if you’re already working in education and looking for a new role, Prospero Teaching are here to support you on your journey.

The Prospero Teaching approach to recruitment is bespoke and unique. 

They'll take the time to find out more about you, your goals for your career in education, your experience and qualifications, and the type of school that you would want to work in. This would be followed by a face-to-face or virtual interview. 

Once all your documents have been provided and checked, you then need to take our free, Level 1 Safeguarding in Education course - this is mandatory for all candidates so that we can ensure you have the minimum level of knowledge you need to be able to keep children safe when working with them.

If you wanted a more in-depth understanding of Safeguarding, we also offer a Level 2 course - this is currently on offer for just £10 until the end of September 2023.

Level 2 Safeguarding in Education - 

Throughout the entire application process, you'll have a dedicated consultant with whom you’ll be able to contact with any questions you might have. Once the compliance process is complete, they will then support you to find your perfect role. 

If you're interested in being a Teaching Assistant in the UK, or are already a Teaching Assistant and are interested in changing your role, get in touch with the expert team at Prospero Teaching.