Middle Leadership in Schools: Subject Leaders

Level: Advanced
1 hour
Video time:
30 minutes
Middle Leadership in schools is an important function. It impacts the entire institution including the staff, students and curriculum. 

In this online leadership skills course, learners look at the purpose of Middle Leadership, specifically Subject Leaders, as well as the requirements, responsibilities and duties of Subject Leaders.

Learners will gain actionable strategies and skills that are needed in a Subject Leader role to be effective.

This course is relevant for Subject Leaders in all types of education institution.
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The CPD Certification Service accreditation for this course means that the course content is high-quality, relevant and modern.

This course has passed rigorous checks to ensure that once completed, Users can be confident that the strategies and tools learnt on this course will be effective in their role. Users are instilled with the confidence to deploy their new knowledge and skills.

Who is this online course for?

  • Subject Leaders
  • Teachers seeking professional development
  • Subject Teachers
Middle Leaders are an integral part of the education system and have a profound effect on the overall running of schools, colleges and academies. Effective Middle Leadership in schools can be enhanced when Subject Leaders across the institution undertake online training courses created by industry experts.

Leadership, collaboration, planning, and regular monitoring are key components of being a successful Subject Leader in a school, or other education institution.

On this accredited leadership training course, users will develop a deep understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the role and learn expert strategies for leadership, collaboration, planning and monitoring.

Key learning objectives for Subject Leaders

  • What is Middle Leadership

  • How do Subject Leaders impact the school

  • Subject Leadership and the curriculum

  • Being an effective Subject Leader

  • Actions and strategies

Middle Leadership: Subject Leaders course content 

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