How educators can work together to support ADHD learners

Students with ADHD can excel in the classroom with the right support system. Here's how teachers and support staff can work together to create that environment:
Communication and team work is key:
Regular meetings:
Share observations and concerns about the student's progress and behavior.
Develop a joint plan:
Collaborate on strategies for managing classroom behavior, organisation, and academic support to make sure that resources can be allocated properly.
Optimising the classroom:
Support staff:
Teaching assistants can provide in-class support with organization, redirection, and checking for understanding.
Classroom adjustments:
Seating arrangements, fidget toys, and visual timers can promote focus and minimize distractions.
Strategies for learning:
Breaking down tasks: Chunk information into smaller, manageable steps for easier comprehension.
Alternative assessments: Consider offering multiple ways for students with ADHD to demonstrate their knowledge, like oral presentations or creative projects.
Beyond the classroom:
Home-school communication: Collaborate with parents or guardians by sharing strategies and keeping them informed of the student's progress.
External support: Work with specialists like counselors or educational therapists who can provide additional support for the student.
By working together, teachers and support staff can create a comprehensive support system that empowers students with ADHD to reach their full potential.