Working as a Teacher at Prospero Teaching

Oct 3 / Lily Wilson

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers, but it can be tough.

Some days it feels like there are never-ending to-do lists and sometimes you're in a constant pursuit of a good work-life balance. Other days are incredibly rewarding and have amazing moments where everything clicks in class or you have a conversation with a child that allows them to feel comfortable, safe and secure.
Prospero Teaching will assist you in finding your ideal job and provide support for improving your teaching practice.

Our goal is to help you become the best teacher you can be.

CPD training courses for Teachers

As a Teacher, it's crucial to participate in valuable training to enhance your skills and teaching methods. Regular CPD for teachers is important as it enables teachers to stay up-to-date with industry standard and best practices.

At Prospero Learning, we know it's hard to find time to complete CPD training courses that actually have a positive impact on your day-to-day teaching practice. This is especially true for ECTs and Teachers who work in short-term or supply roles.

Many Teachers and Teaching Support Staff do not receive the bespoke support required, or may not have the opportunity to attend weekly INSET training at school.

That’s why we created a library of on-demand, online training courses that help all types of educators enhance their skills and provide clear, actionable strategies that can be used in the classroom. Our online CPD courses can be completed at your own pace and be revisited if you ever need a refresher or reminder of how to use a particular strategy.

Finding a job as a newly qualified Teacher

After completing your teacher training, or even as an experienced practitioner who is seeking a new opportunity, it can be hard to know where to begin when looking for the perfect role in a school that will support you in achieving your career goals.
This is where Prospero Teaching can help. We support thousands of teachers every year to find the perfect role.

When you register with Prospero Teaching as a Teacher with QTS, you will be contacted by one of our resourcers or consultants. It's important for them to understand your career goals and your experience and qualifications so they can find you relevant roles.

You'll be asked to provide the necessary documents that prove you are able to work in education. These include:

- the necessary qualifications
- proof of ID
- right to work in the UK,
- valid DBS (if you don’t have one of these our team can support you to apply for this!)

You'll then have a face-to-face or virtual interview with a Prospero Teaching consultant.

Gaining a Safeguarding certification

Once all your documents have been checked and approved, you'll be required to take our free Safeguarding training course. This online course is CPD accredited and is a Level 1 certification.
This is mandatory for all Prospero Teaching candidates to ensure you have the minimum level of knowledge needed to keep children and young people safe. Once you complete this course you'll receive your CPD accredited safeguarding certificate and are then ready to enter work.
Prospero Learning offers two Safeguarding courses for education professionals. The required Level 1 course is free. Professionals who want a deeper understanding of Safeguarding can enroll in the premium Level 2 Safeguarding in Education course for £20.

If you aren't sure which Safeguarding course you should complete, you can check our comparison page here to help make your decision. 

Click below to learn what this course includes and to enroll. 

Job search support and guidance

Throughout this process, you'll have a dedicated consultant with whom you’ll be able to contact with any questions you have. Once the compliance process is complete, they will then support you to find your perfect role.
As a Teacher with Prospero Teaching you can expect to work in short term, long term, or permanent placements in either Primary or Secondary schools. If you're interested working in SEND positions there's a dedicated team to help you.

You’ll be offered either an interview and/or trial day in schools in your preferred locations, and our Training and Development team will be on-hand to support you with interview or trial day preparation and advice.  

If you'd like to start your journey to a new job then head over to the Prospero Teaching website and submit your details.