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We are a Leading Online Safeguarding Course Provider

Safeguarding skills are an essential part of education and good safeguarding practice is more important than ever in 2023.

An accredited Safeguarding certification is a requirement for all education professionals to hold. 

Completing an accredited Online Safeguarding Course means that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect, can spot them as early as possible, and can act fast to resolve issues and protect your learners. By effectively safeguarding adults, children and young people you have a positive impact on their lives.

In both of the courses provided, you'll learn how to effectively work with the designated Safeguarding lead to improve child protection in your school.

Level 1 & Level 2 Safeguarding training courses available

Which education professionals need a Safeguarding certification?

  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • SEND Teachers
  • Supply Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Tutors
  • SENCOs

Which Safeguarding course is right for you?

Level 1:
Free Safeguarding Course

This CPD accredited course in Level 1 Safeguarding provides essential knowledge and skills so staff can keep children and young adults safe in learning environments.

This is a free online training course for Teachers, Teaching Staff, Teaching Assistants, Support Staff and other education professionals. 

Completers will gain insights into creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all learners. This course is in line with all KCSIE 2023 updates.

Prospero Learning is one of the few learning providers or organisations that offer this accredited child Safeguarding training for free.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1.5 hours
Video Time: 45 minutes
Learners: 12,000+

Level 2: 
£20 Safeguarding Course

This comprehensive CPD accredited online training course provides advanced knowledge and skills for professionals who work with children and young adults.

A Level 2 Safeguarding certification addresses more complex Safeguarding issues present in the 21st century and provides an enhanced practical skillset to address them.

This premium course is longer and more in-depth than Level 1 Safeguarding in Education and. In line with all KCSIE 2023 updates.

You'll delve deeper into advanced topics and best practice scenarios and get key strategies to spot and solve Safeguarding concerns earlier to improve child protection.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 hours
Video time: 1.5 hours
Learners: 200+

Gain a CPD accredited certificate in Safeguarding Children  now

The course is very articulate, succinct, and comprehensive. The pop-ups throughout each chapter prove good trigger points to remembering each section.

The opportunity to go over each chapter more than once and retake assessments is an invaluable tool to embed the learning.
— Rob.
The Safeguarding course I just completed with Prospero Learning was excellent.

It touched on all aspects of looking after the wellbeing of children and young people, ensuring early intervention in instances where there is a legitimate cause for concern.

     — Caris.
This course was highly detailed and informative.

I am now confident in my knowledge of safe guarding and how to apply it in the workplace. 

— Charlotte.
—   Online Safeguarding Training Courses

Why Prospero Learning for Safeguarding Training?

At Prospero Learning, we understand the critical responsibilities educators have in creating safe and secure learning environments, and being able to recognise signs of neglect, harm or abuse.

Quickly responding to and reporting any concerns is integral to Safeguarding children successfully - one of the most important things an educator will do.

Our courses are fully accredited by the CPD certification service and feature:
- Downloadable certificates
- Embedded learning
- Narrated videos
- Pop-up quizzes
- Real case studies 

Benefits of Prospero Learning 
online training courses:

After 20+ years of experience in education and after having helped over 20,00 people reach their learning goals, we are excited to say that we are the right choice for you.

Flexible Learning

Our courses are designed with your schedule in mind.

Learn at your own pace, fitting the modules seamlessly into your busy professional life. All you need is internet access.

Interactive Content

Engage with rich multimedia content, case studies, and quizzes.

Reinforce your understanding of safeguarding principles.

Certificate of Completion

Showcase your commitment to student
well-being with a certificate from Prospero Learning.

All courses include a certificate upon successful completion.

Highest Quality Courses

Aligned and fully up to date with the UK government latest Keeping Children Safe in Education documentation.

Courses are broken down into modules with clear objectives and tasks.

Support with Finding a Job

Safeguarding courses are part of the compliance requirements to be ale to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Prospero Teaching are here to help you find a job.

—   Help with finding a job

Boost Your CV with Professional Development for Teachers

Prospero Learning goes beyond just Safeguarding courses. We understand the importance of continuous professional development for Teachers and all other types of education professional.
By enrolling in accredited online courses like this one, you not only refresh, renew and enhance your professional skills but also add a valuable asset to your CV.

If you are ready, then our parent company, Prospero Teaching, are on hand to help you in finding your next job in education. 
Enrol in our online Safeguarding children course or browse our other accredited training courses to find one that that suits you better.